Austin Bouldering Project


Project: Austin Bouldering Project

Firm: Private

Product: Essence

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"The fans are very energy efficient, but more importantly, they have a huge impact on the air quality in the climbing room."

Zach Olschwanger
Managing Partner

Project Summary

Indoor rock climbing is getting more popular every year, and Austin Bouldering Project has earned raves from both novice and experienced climbers. The main climbing room is about 18,000-sq-ft (1,700-sq-m), with 32-ft (10-m) ceilings to accommodate the rock walls. Because climbing is so physical, the owners knew they needed more than air conditioning to keep members comfortable.

Managing Partner Zach Olschwanger says they turned to Big Ass Fans to provide essential air circulation after hearing “nothing but good things about them” from friends. The facility installed seven 14-ft (4-m) Essence® fans in its main climbing room to improve the effectiveness of the A/C system. “People love them,” says Olschwanger. “They make a huge difference when they’re exercising.” Olschwanger explains that climbers use a lot of chalk to keep their grip, and not only do the fans prevent the air from becoming stagnant, but “they help reduce the chalk particles so they’re not standing in the atmosphere.” The customers appreciate the Big Ass Fans’ looks and silence as well as the enhanced cooling that lets climbers perform better than ever.

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