Berea College


Project: Berea College, Berea, Kentucky

Firm: Hastings+Chivetta

Product: Haiku

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“There’s a beauty and inspiration requirement for the living building challenge. We had to find materials that are sustainable and beautiful. We selected Haiku after looking deeply into its production and components.”

Richard Dodd
LEED® AP, Berea College Capital Projects Manager

Project Summary

Berea College, a pioneer in sustainable living, wanted to push the limits of green design and construction with Deep Green, their new EcoDorm. With two LEED®-certified buildings complete, Berea’s committee of designers, architects and professors explored new certifications for Deep Green, including the Living Building Challenge, which they dubbed “LEED on steroids.” The project required innovative HVAC design, extensive energy modeling and products that met strict requirements, including sustainable components, local sourcing and beautiful design.

Haiku® fans, made of sustainable Moso bamboo and installed in every dorm room, combined with rooftop solar panels, a geothermal heating system and day-lit interiors achieve a 58% energy savings when compared to standard dorms. Together, these innovations allow for higher thermostat setpoints and contribute to a healthy environment—and helped Deep Green achieve LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge Petal certifications. This thoughtfully designed space, with abundant natural light and air circulation, gives students a comfortable, sustainable place to live and study.

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