Bethlehem United Church of Christ

Bethlehem United Church of Christ with Element

Project: Bethlehem United Church of Christ

Firm: Private

Product: Element

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"Element is a good application for churches where additional air conditioning is cost prohibitive and silence is a necessity. Element is a modern enhancement to existing HVAC systems."

Jim Sprague
Consulting Engineer

Project Summary

Bethlehem United Church of Christ, a fixture of the Ann Arbor community for more than 170 years, was fighting heating and cooling issues instead of focusing on attracting newcomers to services. Previously installed fans proved too noisy for the space and uneven temperatures made it difficult to keep the organ in tune. With increasing costs putting a strain on the congregation’s budget, the board of advisors sought a solution to keep its 750 active members comfortable without disrupting the sounds of the renowned music department.

The board chose a powder-coated 12-ft (3.6m) diameter Element® to fit the design of the space. Element is the noiseless, energy efficient solution to air movement in conditioned spaces. Element silently circulates the hot air trapped at the ceiling level during the winter months, keeping costs minimal, parishioners comfortable, and the instruments in-tune. During the summer, Element gently pushes columns of air throughout the church, providing a gentle breeze and increasing the thermal comfort of the congregation.

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