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Project: Boyd Metals

Firm: Private

Product: Powerfoil X2.0

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"The fans offer so many benefits. They dry the space quickly. In one bay with a fan, the drying time was four hours. The one next to it without a fan took a day and a half to dry."

Steve Kindle
Corporate Operations Manager

Project Summary

Boyd Metals knows too well that rust never sleeps. The full-line steel service center operates four locations in three states. Every day, large quantities of metal arrive from mills to be stored and processed; at the same time, orders are loaded on trucks headed to manufacturers. With so much material traveling long distances through all kinds of weather, it’s inevitable that some water enters the facility. And when cold metal meets the warmer air inside, moisture can form and cause corrosion and safety hazards, not to mention lost profit. Boyd Metals needed a way to circulate air and dry its bays more quickly.

Boyd Metals installed a 24-ft Powerfoil®X2.0 by Big Ass Fans®. “The fan reduced moisture on the product and dried the floor noticeably faster,” said Corporate Operations Manager Steve Kindle. Less rust developed on the tubing as well. The company has since invested in more Big Ass Fans, which benefits employees, too. “We were able to get rid of the floor fans,” says Kindle, “which saves money on energy and increases productivity — employees aren’t wasting time standing in front of their fans.” Boyd Metals was so impressed with all things Big Ass that the company has invested in Big Ass Light LEDs, too.

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