Brock Environmental Center

Brock Environmental Center with Haiku

Project: Brock Environmental Center

Firm: Private

Product: Haiku

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“We're using less air conditioning than we predicted. When the temperature rises, the Haiku fans and open windows keep us perfectly comfortable."

Chris Gorri, manager
Brock Environmental Center

Project Summary

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s office in Annapolis, Maryland, was the world’s first LEED® Platinum building – which set the bar high for future Foundation buildings. The non-profit organization wanted its new Brock Environmental Center in Virginia Beach to be even greener. It required an ingenious comfort solution that would lessen the reliance on inefficient air conditioning, which accounts for more than half of a typical office building’s summer power usage. The Foundation needed to keep employees cool while putting as little strain as possible on its solar- and wind- powered electrical supply.

The Brock Environmental Center’s designers installed eight Haiku® ceiling fans by Big Ass Fans® to complement natural ventilation and provide cooling airflow to employees and visitors. The energy-efficient fans greatly reduce the need for expensive air conditioning and uniformly distribute air throughout the space. LEED Platinum and even stricter Living Building Challenge certifications are on the horizon for the net-zero building, which consumes 80 percent less energy than a typical office building, thanks in part to the energy savings provided by Big Ass Fans.

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