2015 CrossFit Games

Crossfit Games - 4

Project: Crossfit Games

Firm: Private

Product: AirGo, Black Jack, and Yellow Jacket

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“Big Ass Fans were gathering points and that speaks for itself. We look for partners that can help elevate the spectator and athlete experience, and Big Ass Fans did just that. We hope to expand their involvement at our future events.”

Steve Weiss
Corporate Development, Partnerships and Licensing

Project Summary

The world’s fittest athletes converge on the CrossFit Games annually to compete for the title of “The Fittest on Earth,” but a combination of 90°F (32°C) temperatures and the strenuous physical activity meant the heat was as grueling as the competition. The sweltering July weather in suburban Los Angeles created discomfort and potential safety concerns for the 50,000 patrons. Spectators in the outdoor vendor village looked for ways to escape the heat, while competing athletes tried to stay cool by soaking towels in barrels full of ice. The high-intensity event needed a cooling solution that could keep up with its active audience.

Big Ass Fans® brought strength and style with its epic lineup of portable fans — Black Jack®, AirGo® and Yellow Jacket®. Ranging between 30in (76cm) to 8ft (2.4m) in diameter, these mobile fans cut through the heat to provide serious cooling relief. Powerful airflow and misting kits kept athletes cooler and more comfortable, while fan stations in spectator areas became gathering points for patrons to recharge. “The spectators and sponsors loved having the fans there,” said Corporate Development Director Steve Weiss. “They were super efficient and fit in perfectly with the look and feel of our event.”

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