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Project: Ethereal Brewing

Firm: Private

Product: Essence, Element

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"The Big Ass Fans are an incredibly worthwhile investment that we are happy to have made. They create a very nice comfort level and have done exactly what we got them for. If I had to do it again I definitely would."

Andrew Bishop

Project Summary

Lexington-based Ethereal Brewery values three things—good beer, excellent quality, and Kentucky pride. Setting up shop in the city’s historic Distillery District, the founders envisioned a space that would not only showcase the microbrewery’s unique, high-caliber beers, but also provide a comfortable atmosphere for visitors. The decision to preserve the 1930s building’s original wood and 32-ft (9-m) tall ceilings maintained the traditional feel, but made temperature regulation a challenge. In winter, staff measured a 25- to 30-degree difference between the floor and the ceiling and knew something had to be done to cut energy costs.

Demonstrating their commitment to top-quality products and Kentucky Pride, Ethereal installed two 12-ft (3-m) Essence® fans and one 12ft (3m) Element fan® by Big Ass Fans®. One fan, located in the 4,200-sq-ft (390-sq-m) operations area literally serves as HVAC, the only source of cooling in the summer. The second fan, in the taproom, alleviates reliance on the space’s gas heaters in the winter by gently pushing risen hot air back to the floor. A follow-up measurement shows a tremendous decrease in temperature difference with the initial disparity dropping from 30 degrees to just 10 degrees, significantly lowering energy costs.

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