Giant Eagle


Project: Giant Eagle, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Firm: Private

Product: Element

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“From both an aesthetic and performance standpoint, the Element fans have exceeded our expectations. They bring the heat down from the ceiling providing a nice, gradual air movement.”

Brad Morris
Manager of Engineering

Project Summary

Presenting a new store layout, Giant Eagle® broke ground on a cutting-edge Market District Store in 2008. With 22,000 square feet (6,705m2) of open retail space and peaked ceilings reaching 40 feet (12.1m), conditioning the space effectively and efficiently was no simple task. Giant Eagle required a solution that would keep the store comfortable for shoppers without wasting energy on excessive heating and cooling.

Two 12-ft (3.6m) Element® fans to efficiently distribute conditioned air.

The 22 small, traditional ceiling fans originally specified for the atrium were replaced with two silent, energy-efficient Element fans. These large diameter, low speed fans circulate hot air trapped at the ceiling down to the occupant/thermostat level providing gradual, gentle air movement. Element’s unprecedented electronic system incorporates on-board controls that eliminate electrical noise while internal diagnostics monitor the balance, temperature and electrical consumption of the fan. Sustainable operation not only saves Giant Eagle money, but also demonstrates its commitment to conserving energy and providing employees and customers with a comfortable environment.

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