Graveyard Carz


Project: Graveyard Carz

Firm: Private

Product: Big Ass Light LEDs

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“In 30 years of owning my shop, we’ve always had fluorescent or incandescent lighting. Now I wouldn’t even come to work without Big Ass Light LEDs. I’m not going back to working underneath a candle.”

Mark Worman
Executive Producer

Project Summary

Mark Worman’s auto shop, made famous by Graveyard Carz on Velocity, prides itself on transforming rusted hulls into picture-perfect American muscle cars. At his old shop, Worman had to take the time to pull cars outside into the sunlight for a clear look to ensure the highest quality on their custom, glass-like paint jobs. Worman and his team also frequently had to use drop lights in the assembly area to supplement the shop’s overhead fluorescent fixtures when examining the cars’ interiors and engine blocks.

Big Ass Light™ installed 28 Big Ass LED fixtures throughout Worman’s shop, and the improvement in visibility was shocking. Worman’s crew hasn’t had to pull a single car outside since the Big Ass LEDs were installed. Worman says, “People have commented that the cars we’ve painted are the best body paint we’ve ever done. We manage to do it all in the shop.” Big Ass LEDs have also minimized the shop’s need for additional drop lighting in the assembly shop, clearing the area of troublesome cords.

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