Hot Italian Pizza & Panini Bar


Project: Hot Italian Pizza & Panini Bar, Sacramento, California

Firm: Private

Product: Element


“Our Big Ass Fan is one of the key design elements of Hot Italian, plus all of the employees love it. It adds to the comfort level without having to worry about the air conditioning blowing in your face.”

Andrea Lepore
Founder/Creative Director

Project Summary

With aspirations of becoming the first LEED®-certified restaurant and retail facility in the region, Hot Italian Pizza & Panini Bar was in search of an air distribution system with minimal impact on the environment. With multiple stoves cooking fresh pizzas, temperatures in the restaurant tend to rise making the atmosphere uncomfortable for both employees and customers.

A 12-ft (3.6m) diameter Element® by Big Ass Fans, the perfect combination of form and function created specifically for facilities focused on sustainability. Born from industrial roots, the commercial-grade Element improves air circulation and aids in energy conservation by reducing the dependence on heating and cooling systems. With an oil-free prime mover, the silent and stylish Element complements any environment.

The Element fan was ideal for the architectural design of the space, and perfectly aligned with Hot Italian’s green initiatives by increasing the efficiency of the existing heating and cooling system. Hot Italian employees react positively to the increased comfort level the fan has delivered. Customers compliment the aesthetic enhancement of the space provided by Element.

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