Kelsch Garage Condo


Project: Kelsch Garage Condo, Naperville, Illinois

Firm: Private

Product: Haiku, Isis, High Bay LED

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“My Big Ass Fans and Big Ass Light LED fixtures make the space cool and keep it that way. Everyone notices them!”

Dave Kelsch
Garage Owner

Project Summary

Dave Kelsch’s three-story garage condo doubles as a private auto showroom and a hang-out spot; unfortunately, low light and too little airflow made the space too garagelike. It needed some remodeling to be as welcoming to his friends, clients and family as it is for his cars. The fluorescent fixtures in the 20-ft (6-m) garage weren’t bright enough to create the showroom quality Kelsch desired. He also needed more cooling airflow in the garage and his third-floor lounge, which was prone to heat buildup.

Four Big Ass® Light fixtures and three Big Ass Fans® transformed the garage condo into a showcase space. The LED fixtures produce 20,000 lumens each, improving visibility so Kelsch can work on his cars and show them off. A 10-ft (3.1-m) Isis® fan produces enough air flow to keep the 2,600-sq-ft (241.5-sq-m) garage cool. On the third floor, two Haiku® with SenseME™ ceiling fans also keep the lounge comfortable effortlessly. SenseME technology monitors room occupancy and thermal conditions and adjusts automatically, so Kelsch and his guests can chill without worrying about the temperature.

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