Liquor Barn


Project: Liquor Barn, Lexington, Kentucky

Firm: Private

Product: Element

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“All our customers are delighted by our big ass fans. They’re a great way to even out the airflow. There is much more even dispersion of air, with such style. The fans are beautifully designed...The color scheme, the size, all of it just fits the space.”

Roger Leasor

Project Summary

Keeping customers comfortable is a priority at Liquor Barn. But in its Lexington, Kentucky, location with high ceilings, abundant glass, and doors that are frequently opening and closing, creating a comfortable environment with air conditioning alone was a costly and wasteful effort. Liquor Barn needed an energy-efficient and stylish solution to make the most of its HVAC system while keeping customers comfortable in the store.

Liquor Barn chose two 12-ft diameter Element®, powdercoated in Liquor Barn’s custom red. These fans are designed specifically to create even airflow in hightraffic spaces with conditioned air. Electronically controlled, gearless motor technology means Element operates silently and never interferes with computer networks or PA systems. Liquor Barn customers love the complementary aesthetics and increased comfort level the fans provide, and the store management team is pleased with Element’s ability to enhance the existing heating and cooling system.

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