Mike Harrell Private Hangar


Project: Mike Harrell Private Hangar

Firm: Private

Product: Basic 6, High Bay LEDs

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"The lights' instant-on is very beneficial when you're performing the checklists required before every flight, especially night flights."

Mike Harrell

Project Summary

Mike Harrell’s family has a hangar outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, for their two planes. One is a Cessna 182, a cross-country four-seater. The other is a Carbon Cub that Harrell describes as “a Harley in the sky.” Harrell’s hangar has heat but no air-conditioning, and three small residential ceiling fans weren’t getting the job done. In summer, they made little dent in the heat, and in winter they weren’t circulating the warm air from the ceiling furnace, leaving pipes by the large hangar door at risk of freezing. And then one day, all the hangar’s sodium lights went out at once, creating an additional problem.

After seeing Big Ass Fans® in action, Harrell decided that a 14-ft (4.2-m) Basic 6® could solve his hangar’s air circulation problems, making it feel cooler in summer and preventing expensive plumbing repairs in winter due to burst pipes. And when he learned about Big Ass Light LEDs, he decided to go with a complete overhaul, installing six 26,000 lumen Big Ass High Bay LEDs. “Not only are they much brighter, but with the old sodium lights, it was a 10-minute wait for them to warm up,” Harrell said. “They look and work great.”

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