O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals


Project: O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals

Firm: Private

Product: Powerfoil X

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"It's an investment well worth the money; the payback is almost instantaneous. Big Ass Fans surpassed our expectations, eliminated condensation issues, and saved us a tremendous amount of money."

Phil Cavender
Senior Vice President, O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals

Project Summary

O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals knows moisture and metal don’t mix. The company stores sheet metal in its 85,000-sq-ft (25,908-sq-m) facility located in Garland, Texas. Unfortunately, the area’s abrupt temperature changes and high humidity caused substantial condensation build-up in the uninsulated facility, rusting product and creating hazardous conditions for employees. The company was forced to write off around $28,000 annually of rust-ruined aluminum. Additionally, condensation turned the concrete floor “into a skating rink,” said Phil Cavender, regional vice president.

Cavender decided to work with Big Ass Fans® to install four 20-ft (6-m) Powerfoil®X fans in the facility’s warehouse. Excess moisture was eliminated immediately with the added airflow and temperature control. The fans paid for themselves in just a few months and the savings continued to grow – after just one year of operation, the fans saved O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals approximately $300,000 in lost and devalued inventory. In addition to safe and dry floors, the company saw other benefits Cavender hadn’t expected, such as increased employee comfort and decreased heating costs in the winter.

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