Planet Fitness


Project: Planet Fitness

Firm: Private

Product: Big Ass Light Low Bay LEDs and Powerfoil X


“The free trial fixtures made it clear: Big Ass Light offers far superior quality. Everything looks shinier, it looks cleaner. It’s night and day. It was almost like we opened a new gym just by installing Big Ass Lights.”

Michael Barnes
Regional Manager

Project Summary

The Portsmouth, Va., Planet Fitness draws about 900 members a day – and they generate a lot of body heat during workouts. That plus the center’s ‘screaming hot’ metal halide light fixtures pushed temperatures out of the comfort zone, Regional Manager Michael Barnes said. Plus, the halides were dim, leaving patrons in the dark. Even more bothersome? Constantly changing bulbs in a 24-hour facility forced staff to move equipment and inconvenience members. “You don’t want a 14-ft orange ladder in the middle of your gym and equipment spread all over the place,” Barnes said.

Planet Fitness signed up for Big Ass Light’s free, 60-day trial and installed four brilliant, long-lasting Big Ass Low Bay LED fixtures. In no time, Barnes decided he wanted 38 more. The fixtures produce 14,000 lumens of bright, efficient light and are significantly cooler than the metal halide lights the gym used before. That, combined with the gym’s two 16-ft Big Ass Fans®, means a more comfortable workout experience for members. And Barnes expects to see Big Ass Light’s efficiency translate into big savings when he gets his next utility bill.

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