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Project: Transylvania University

Firm: Private

Product: Essence

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"We were looking to reduce our heating costs during winter. We track all three utilities — water, natural gas, and electric — and we're so pleased with how Big Ass Fans contributed to the natural gas side of things"

Norman Mudd
Enercy and Facilities Manager

Project Summary

The Beck Center, a gorgeous, Georgian-style building on Transylvania University’s campus in Lexington, Kentucky, is the school’s community home for recreation, fitness and varsity athletic competitions. The center’s 1,200 seat performance gym is the facility’s centerpiece, but its high ceilings and frequent, heavy use created a potential obstacle to the university’s energy goals and green initiatives.

The Jessie Ball DuPont Foundation granted funds to the university for the installation of four Essence® fans by Big Ass Fans® in the Beck Center’s performance gym. The fans destratify air in the gym during winter months, pushing heat that gathers near the ceiling to floor-level, which counters the inefficiencies that can cause heating costs to soar. The Beck Center reports that the fans decrease energy consumption and utility costs, even when Central Kentucky endured its fifth coldest winter on record, including the area’s lowest temperatures in more than two decades.

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