University of Louisville


Project: University of Louisville

Firm: Private

Product: Essence, Powerfoil X2.0

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"We've noticed a big difference. The fans very effectively move heat from the truss level to the floor level."

Randy Reeves
Operations Manager, FirstBuild, Louisville

Project Summary

Though it’s among the newest buildings on campus, the University of Louisville’s FirstBuild facility isn’t immune from issues. The building, an incubator for innovative products developed in partnership with General Electric and Arizona-based Local Motors, had airflow problems. The ceiling fans didn’t function well, and, in winter, heat from registers near the ceiling wasn’t reaching the floor. And under the same roof at the university’s engineering garage, where students build racing vehicles, the fans were noisy and incorrectly installed. They blew papers around but didn’t push the air where it was needed.

The University switched out its old fans for Essence® and Powerfoil®X2.0 fans with SmartSense from Big Ass Fans®, and the difference has been dramatic. “They’re more efficient, quieter and there’s less disruption,” said Mike Miller, who oversees the engineering garage. “They’re 10 times better looking than the old ones,” he continued, noting the fans’ custom paint job in University colors. Next door at GE’s FirstBuild, Operations Manager Randy Reeves couldn’t be happier. “I love them. They manage themselves, speeding up and slowing down based on the temperature difference from the ceiling to the floor,” Reeves said.

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