Waterfall Sports & Wellness


Project: Waterfall Sports & Wellness

Firm: Eagle Sky Engineering Ltd.

Product: Yellow Jacket

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"We had other wall fans, but they provided little airflow, cluttered up the space, and didn't fit with our style. Your Yellow Jacket fans look more modern and provide a gentle, cooling breeze for our customers."

Paul Mok
Project Consultant, Eagle Sky Engineering Ltd.

Project Summary

Waterfall Sports & Wellness is a premium fitness center located in the heart of Hong Kong. Like many fitness centers, it struggled to keep its perspiring patrons cool with air conditioning alone. Waterfall also had to worry about pleasing their highend clientele with stylish fans that fit its crisp, modern décor. It had tried wall fans in the past, but found they were not only ineffective, but also noisy and unattractive.

Big Ass Solutions® worked with Waterfall to design an airflow solution that covered the entire facility, deploying six Yellow Jacket® fans to get the air moving. Waterfall also ordered the Yellow Jacket fans in a custom all-black color scheme that meshed with their existing modern style. “It’s been a significant improvement,” said Paul Mok, a project consultant with Eagle Sky Engineering Ltd. “Big Ass Solutions made sure to design the layout so that we could feel air movement in every corner.”

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