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Earning LEED Credits

Big Ass Fans contributes to earning LEED credits in the following categories.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Prereq 2 – Minimum Energy Performance (Required) &
  • Credit 1 – Optimize Energy Performance (1-19 points)

How Big Ass Fans Helps

Big Ass Fans provide a cooling effect, via elevated air speed, that allows thermostat setpoints to be raised in air conditioned spaces. The thermostat setpoint can be raised by approximately ~5-7˚F without sacrificing occupant comfort. The increased setpoint can result in a 10-20% reduction in cooling equipment energy consumption.

For buildings with higher floor-to-ceiling heights (12+ ft), Big Ass Fans can be used to recirculate the heat trapped at the ceiling, resulting in significant heating energy savings.

  • Credit 4 – Enhanced Refrigerant Management (2 points)

How Big Ass Fans Helps

Big Ass Fans provide a cooling effect, via elevated air speed, without using any refrigerants. For less severe climates, this cooling effect can minimize or even eliminate the use of refrigerant based thermal comfort systems.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Prerequisite 1 – Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance (Required) &
  • Credit 2 – Increased Ventilation (1 point)

How Big Ass Fans Helps

Big Ass Fans can be used to increase the effectiveness of the air distribution system, which can reduce the amount of outdoor air required to be brought into the building.

  • Credit 7.1 – Thermal Comfort—Design (1 point)

How Big Ass Fans Helps

Big Ass Fans can be used to increase occupant comfort by providing a cooling effect via elevated air speed, destratifying the space, minimizing cold and hot areas, and providing an additional means of occupant control.

Innovation in Design

  • Credit 1 – Innovation in Design (1-5 points)

How Big Ass Fans Helps

Big Ass Fans can be used as a part of a materials minimization strategy that reduces ductwork, installed air conditioning capacity, and overall material usage in the building, which has been used to earn ID credits on previous projects.

It is important to note that Big Ass Fans can be utilized to assist projects with meeting the requirements of the prerequisites and earning points in the credits listed above. As a general rule, no single product can earn a point or meet the requirements of a prerequisite; the product is generally part of a system or overall strategy that earns the points or meets the requirements of the prerequisite.

Please refer to the following links for additional information:

LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations Rating System » (PDF)

The Rating System lists the intent, requirements, and technologies/strategies for each credit.

LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations Checklist » (XLS)

The Checklist helps project teams track their credits against requirements for certification.


Translation: Being green is urgent!

Health & Happiness Petal: Imperative 08 Healthy Indoor Environment

  • Complies with ASHRAE Standard 62

  • Again with the locking people in closed rooms—give them a fan already!

Energy Petal: Imperative 06 Net Positive Energy

  • 105% of the project’s energy needs must be supplied by on-site renewable energy on a net annual basis

  • It’s not what your site can do for you, but what you can do for your site.

Materials Petal: Imperative 10 Red List

  • Products used cannot contain certain harmful materials or chemicals.

  • Poisoning people on purpose is illegal. Doing it accidentally is still not cool.


Translation: We like green globes and we cannot lie…you other brothas can’t deny…

Section 3.7.1

  • Comply with ASHRAE Standard 62.1 or equivalent and EZ (the air quality) must be at least 0.9 in all regularly occupied, mechanically-ventilated spaces

  • If we have to say one more thing about closed rooms…

Section 3.3 Energy: Path B

  • Reduce energy compared to reference base building, per ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010, Appendix G

  • You’ve seen ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G, surely you can do better than that!